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It’s official, Tony Abbott is sexy

March 28, 2010

I have a theory that Tony Abbott is widely regarded by women as sexy. This theory, however, has been difficult to prove as most women are simply too embarrassed to admit to their attraction.  Today, however, the theory received a stunning breakthrough. On the ABC’s Insiders program this morning, three random comedians were work-shopped on the whole health debate/worm issue. While deliberating whether the debate was in fact won by the worm, one of the comedians let the following slip: “a lot of my women friends find Tony Abbott sexy”. Foxtel IQ was immediately rewound just to check I had heard that correctly. The joy at receiving this left field support for my theory was surpassed only by the relief I felt at knowing I was not alone. This is the beginning of the end. Soon it will be positively fashionable for women to agree that Tony is hot..

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