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Rudd tricky?

April 4, 2010

So Kevin and Wayne are thinking of releasing the Henry tax review while Tony is on his Pollie Pedal. Do you really think this is a government trying to apply the spirit of cooperation in their treatment of the opposition? I know, politics is politics but I wonder whether the Labor focus groups are going to show signs of getting a bit tired of the constant manipulation.

Peter Van Onselen in The Weekend Australian got it right, saying that if Labor do release the tax review during the Pollie Pedal, it will be a risk.

Moving attention back on to tax reform might catch Abbott out while he is halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, but it might also appear too tricky by half.

An unnamed Labour minister clearly showed the governments latest “Abbott neutralising” strategy stating that, “If the wheels of government only turned when Abbott wasn’t on his bike we wouldn’t get anything done”. How about worrying a little less about the opposition and a little more about running the country. And to make sure there is no appearance of hypocrisy, it appears that no Labor MPs are joining the Pollie Pedal this year.

Please! I didn’t see anyone criticise Rudd for his Kokoda track jaunt.

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