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April 13, 2010

Niki Savva in The Australia today is spot on.

They look at Rudd’s unequivocal declarations: he was an economic conservative; climate change was the biggest moral challenge of our time; when it came to hospitals, the buck would stop with him; he was passionately for a big Australia; he would be tough but humane with boatpeople; he wanted root-and-branch reform of the tax system.

Then they look at what he has done. Not Kevin the Bold, but Kevin to Fold. Passionless and without the courage or conviction to tackle tough issues.

When it comes to difficult, unpopular, or even popular causes, Rudd seems either incapable or unwilling to stand and fight or negotiate his way through. His failure so far to get the premiers to accept his health package could be part of some evil genius plot (he doesn’t really want an agreement, he just wants a way out) as some people have suggested.

If so it’s a tragic misuse of power and a sorry excuse for leadership. So is his retreat on population.

In almost three years Rudd has proved to be an extremely cunning politician, and a disappointing prime minister.

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