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Prize for most vitriol

April 14, 2010

And the prize for “Most Vitriol Directed Towards a Fast-food Item” goes to Mark Morford in The Huffington Post for his objection to KFC’s new Double Down sandwich.

It is if you really want to know, two slabs of fried chicken intersliced with two pieces of bacon, two slabs of cheese, and the Colonel’s ‘special sauce’. It comes in the form of a sandwich, with the fried chicken where the bread used to be.

You got your chicken-like creature, your pig-like creature, your diary cow-like creature, all wrapped in a US$5 fistful of nausea, ready to strangle your heart and benumb your brain.

It’s like a suicide note from what’s left of your brain. ‘If you eat this, you are a complete and total idiot, and we’re through, Signed, You.’ “

Amen to that!

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