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Kristina may be the one Rudd needs to worry about

April 19, 2010

During the whole debacle that is Kevin’s idea of cooperative federalism, I’ve had my hopes pinned on John Brumby to put the pursed-lipped one in his place. It appears, however, we have a back-up plan. Imre Salusinszky posits this ray of light in Keneally is the smiling assassin in talks.

While John Brumby has played the wrecking ball during negotiations with Kevin Rudd over a new health system, Kristina Keneally has been the smiling assassin.

The neophyte NSW Premier has played Rudd like a prized Stradivarius, achieving three key aims with which her office began the horse-trading process seven weeks ago: get a better deal for NSW (and, collaterally, the other states); manoeuvre herself into a position where, politically, she cannot lose skin; and cause Rudd the maximum amount of pain on the way through.

This would be an almost too perfect karmic retribution for Kevin’s disgusting display of bad manners to our sweet Kristina.

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