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Rudd, yesterday’s man – Part 1

April 24, 2010

With detached indifference, Christopher Pearson shows the grave has already been dug.

. . . it’s a given that the coming election is not about Kevin Rudd at all.

He’s a bureaucrat out of his depth, whose most important personal credential for the post was not fluency in Mandarin or a brief taste of diplomacy but his marriage to the formidable Therese Rein.

He already has done his dash and remains friendless in the parliament. After this year he’ll never face another popular vote and will be outposted as soon as it can be decently done.

This election is really about deciding whether his successor is going to be Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard and it must be said at the outset that we’re lucky to have two such strong, likable and decent people to choose between.

Both of them have the self-possession of mature adults who are comfortable in their own skins.

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