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The Storm around the Storm

April 26, 2010

I’m no league fan so how is it possible the Storm salary cap scandal is of any interest to me? To be fair my initial response was a whole lot of who cares but unfortunately I’ve been sucked into the story.

Maybe its the passion, the outrage, the bitter anger, the disappointment, the betrayal, the implacable opinions that have seeped into my sports-free-zone psyche. It sure is a magnificent drama.

So what sucked me in? I was unwittingly exposed to The Footy Show yesterday where poor old David Gallop (CEO NRL) was grilled mercilessly by the panel. What caught my attention, however, was Phil Gould. He tugged at my heart-string when he recited all the young players Storm have brought up through the ranks over the years. My usual response of “it’s only a game for god’s sake” went missing.

And then last night Storm played the Warriors and beat them 40 to 6 for no points. Some of the headlines this morning “We played to make you proud” and “Defiant Storm wants squad kept together” and “Storm romp their proudest moment” with the big boofy boys looking so happy. Cue heart melting.

I hope it all has a happy ending but the only certainty about this drama is a movie will be made.

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