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The worm is turning

April 27, 2010

It would appear that the highly disciplined team Rudd is falling apart at the seams. Reading Niki Savva’s column this morning the hatred the Labor party have for him is now barely contained.

It is rare to hear staff speak so disparagingly of a leader, even privately. They respect them too much or fear them too much, or are too devoted to the wider cause. Then again, it is rare to have a leader who behaves so badly with staff and those who serve and protect him.

And the fatal Kristina moment . . .

Rudd treated her with contempt at their first encounter because that is the way he dealt with her two predecessors, Morris Iemma and Nathan Rees. He quickly realised that mauling fawns in public was a really bad idea and she has played him beautifully ever since.

One suspects if Ms Bambi and Mr Brumby could have held out and forced Rudd into a humiliating backdown on the GST clawback and hurt him without damaging the government, they would have exacted their revenge there and then.

If they had, Rudd would have been irreparably damaged and Labor’s chances of re-election considerably diminished.

They could not risk that. Not now. That is a dish to be served up ice-cold after the election.

Those words send a chill down my spine. I’m reminded of the lyrics to a Dire Straits song:

you know what they say about beggars
you know who’s the first to blame his tools
you never gave a damn about who you pick up
and leave lying bleeding on the ground
you screw people over on the way up
because you thought that you were never coming down

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