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Labor needs to stand up to Rudd

April 29, 2010

Gary Johns, former FEDERAL LABOR MINISTER writes in today’s Australian:

Rudd is vulnerable to the accusation that he stands for nothing and at the same time has raided the piggy bank. Yet the electorate probably is not prepared to revisit its decision of 2007 and toss him out. So the question is, having wasted their entire first term, can Labor remake itself if it gets the chance of a second term?

. . . the electoral timidity, the profligacy, the spin, the lack of reason, the internal bullying, the vast waste of money, the interminable photos with children, the transparent use of religion with the photos at church on Sunday, have all embittered his already unimpressed caucus colleagues.

Having wasted its first term, the Labor government must now remake itself in a way that suggests that it will not waste a second. It has two options: to remake the leader or to replace him. My bet is that Rudd will be replaced within months of the re-election. The caucus will reason that his tricks will not carry them for a further three years and that there has to be something more to government than the pap that has been served up so far.

The members of the Labor Caucus must come to their senses and depose Rudd before their own credibility is forever damaged. Garrett, Ellis, Gillard and now Penny Wong have all had to try to explain the appalling backflips of this man of straw.

Wong’s appearance on the 7.30 Report last night will forever damage her brand. Where was he?

As Barnaby Joyce said, “Mr Rudd has yet again destroyed another one of his colleagues by revealing his lack of a political soul and his mercenary ambivalence that puts polls over statesmanship”.

There are a number of talented people on the Labor front bench. Stand up for God’s sake!

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