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Too much material – part 1

April 29, 2010

How is it possible for one man to provide so much material against himself? Rudd must wake up every morning, take one look at the papers (sorry I mean have his 4.30am briefing), groan, put his head in his hands and pull the sheets back up. So give the man credit for not taking a sickie I suppose.

Today, we’re back to health. Former ally savages Rudd’s ‘status quo’ reforms blazing above the fold in The Australian.

David Penington, a senior fellow at Melbourne’s Grattan Institute who initially backed the deal Kevin Rudd struck with the states, said yesterday he was “appalled at the lack of any agreement on governance that differs from the status quo”, and had little faith any real change would be forthcoming from the reforms.

“The thing that will come back to bite Kevin Rudd will be that he will have achieved nothing to improve quality of hospital services, as they just continue to be controlled on numbers, as in every state at present.”

Oh dear, it appears Kevin’s strategy of clearing the decks to fight an election on health may not have been such a good idea.

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