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Too much material – part 2

April 29, 2010

And then there’s Terry McCrann’s fabulous spray in the Herald Sun yesterday . . .

ONE down, one to go. Kevin ‘Gougher’ Rudd has dropped one of his two great crazy nation-destroying policies. To coin a phrase, ‘it’s time’ he abandoned the other equally mad, equally destructive one.

Now true, his proposed – it’s so vital for the planet, we have to do it NOW! – Emissions Trading Scheme is formally ‘just resting’ until 2013.

But on the criteria – to use the word decidedly loosely – he set on Tuesday though, the ETS is ‘just resting’ in the Monty Python Dead Parrot sense.

At least he’s taken it off Penny Wong’s shoulder. Hopefully she’ll now also stop wandering the countryside, muttering Dalek-like: Carbon will be exterminated! Carbon will be exterminated!

Really, have we ever seen a bigger prat as prime minister, and granted there’ve been a few?

Sometimes I have trouble following Terry’s train of thought but this article is crystal clear. Read the whole thing; it’s hilarious!

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