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It’s not just us . . .

May 4, 2010

It’s official, Australian’s are beginning to see the hollow man for what he is. This week KRudd has taken a huge hit in the polls and for the first time the Coalition has an election-winning lead. Dennis Shanahan puts it this way:

KEVIN Rudd has taken a huge hit. The image of him being gutless and not standing for anything after dumping his climate change policy has hurt his standing as Prime Minister like no other.

Rudd is now in a position where everything he promises or proposes is doubted or not trusted. And the problem is being passed on to the government.

For the first time as Labor leader, he has a negative satisfaction rating with more people disapproving of him than approving and his support as preferred prime minister is at its lowest since the election.

For the first time the Coalition has a lead on a two-party-preferred basis and a sniff of an election win.

Much more of this and Labor may take the punt that it’s better to get rid of KRudd sooner rather than later.

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