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So much to talk about…so little time…..

May 4, 2010

I don’t know where to start.  What are people actually talking about in the real world?  Is is the Henry Tax Review? (What politician actually gives a public servant the task of telling them whether to increase or decrease taxes?);  The Logies? (celebrating under whelming talent); the return of Malcolm Turnbull? (not sure anyone really cares) or (and my personal favourite) the shift in support for KRUDD. 

Yesterday’s Labour Day march footage on the television news certainly showed more than ever that KRUDD is one media savvy dude.  He was marching with the unions in the thick of it-leaving the Queensland Government drowning, driving off in his car to chants from carefully placed young people yelling “we love you Kevin”-it was enough to make me sick…..

Today’s key news points-the announcement at 2:30pm by the RBA on interest rates and more on Jessica Watson’s epic voyage (but I will leave that particular story for another long blog).

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