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Alan Kohler despises KRUDD too

May 6, 2010

You know Alan Kohler; the sweet, gentlemanly business journalist whose does the finance segment for the ABC News. He also does Inside Business on Sundays and his interviews are always so serene and well-mannered. Alan is a fan of classical music, takes walking holidays, and loves his cat Steve and his dog Sam. It is rare that his gentle politeness goes walkabouts.

That is until today. It seems that KRUDD has managed to disgust Alan to such a degree that he penned these selected highlights in The Business Spectator:

Kevin Rudd has done something unforgivable in politics, and he will not be forgiven either by his party or the electorate. He has allowed the disguise to fall.

The cynicism of politicians is usually covered by the mask of conviction – of apparently deeply-held beliefs that provide an appealing alternative narrative to the grubby and brutish business of collecting money and funnelling it to vested interests and marginal seats, while at the same time engaging in a spin war against the opposing team of spinners.

Kevin Rudd has now thrown off pretence. It is plain to all that he is engaged in nothing more than a desperate grab for continued power and the money to fund it.

Modernising the economy, centralising health, promoting growth, engagement with the world, reconciliation, climate change have all been abandoned or modified in favour of mopping up administrative disasters, covering up maladministration, forcing the budget into surplus and generally clearing the decks for an election.

There will now be an early election – probably July.

What does Kevin Rudd stand for? Who knows. He is becoming an opposition leader in government, simply opposing the other side and engaged in nothing but marketing.

The full article, titled Rudd’s mask is off, is worth a read.

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