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The government can’t turn a trick

May 11, 2010

Channel Nine ran an exclusive last night on the asylum seeker hotel in Brisbane scandal, with all the breathless outrage one would expect of them. The media do love an exclusive! The very lovely Andrew Lofthouse introduced the segment with this:

Good evening. There’s graphic evidence tonight of how desperate the federal government has become dealing with the flood of asylum seekers. More refugees are being housed at a suburban Brisbane hotel, which has in effect, been turned into an immigration detention centre.

No wonder it has become impossible for the government to actually run the country when they are having to endlessly put out the fires they keep lighting.

The government has been frantically clearing the decks of just about any kind of policy in the last couple of months, desperately trying to provide “clear air” before the release of the budget tonight. The hope is that Wayne Swan will be able to restore some much needed economic credibility for Labor (good luck with that!). The exquisite irony? The four star asylum seeker hotel/detention centre is in Wayne Swan’s electorate. Poor Wayne – not what he needs right now.

Watch the Channel Nine exclusive here – Asylum seekers housed in hotel.

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