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The Real Rudd

May 13, 2010

We’ve all heard the stories about how nasty KRUDD is behind the scenes with air hostesses, staffers and the like. Last night we got a glimpse of his real persona in a public forum for the first time. Watch the interview by following this link and click on the latest video to the right . . . it’s titled “Firing Up”.

UPDATE 1: The ABC seems to have changed the name of the piece to “Angry Rudd defends ETS backflip”. Hmmm, I wonder why?

UPDATE 2: Permalink to clip now available.

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  1. 224 permalink
    May 13, 2010 5:35 pm

    The real surprise with this “interview” is not the dummy spit by PM Kev “Fluffy” Rudd because it is well known he has a matching set of foul temper and language, but that the questioning came not only from the ABC but from Kerry O’Brien in particular. Labor Party interviews by “Rough nut” O’Brien in the past have been so gentle and obsequious they have been likened to a sound thrashing with a wet tram ticket. Previously, I have always excused O’Brien’s lack of energised questioning of “Fluffy”on the basis of cyanosis, knowing where he places his head during such interviews. I am astounded therefore, that this interview was conducted without any evidence of a snorkel, goggles or rope tied around his ankles.
    Now let’s see the same vigour directed to the balance of the magnificent seven: Wayne “Clever” Swann, Julia “Chainsaw” Gillard, Penny “Top Frock” Wong, Peter “Biro” Garrett, Jenny “Whacker” Maclin and my personal favourite Lindsay “Tin Arse” Tanner.

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