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May 25, 2010

If you haven’t watched the undercover footage of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York in the News of the World sting then here it is:

Fergie’s dirty deal

Rather than being disgusted by the whole sordid episode, I just feel rather sad for her. She seems so hopelessly out of her depth, drunk, fagging away and talking such complete nonsense. She really is rather dumb.

Libby Purves in The Times captured my feelings:

There will be much hostile talk of greed and sanctimonious headshaking over the “damage” to Britain’s international trade reputation. But to me the main impression is sheer sadness at the progress through life of an exuberant, impetuous, dim, kind-hearted girl who in her 51st year should be safely stashed under some woodwormy beams in the shires, with an amiable lunkhead husband and a houseful of labradors, saddles and hilarious novelty ornaments, blamelessly raising money for the local hospice and cooking hearty lasagnes. Sarah Ferguson was just not born to be looked at and judged by millions of strangers, or to racket around the world like Becky Sharp: to put it kindly, she’s not very sharp at all.

It’s all just so very pathetic.

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