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Debate – North Korean style

May 28, 2010

The recent response by North Korea to the South Korean president’s address to the nation on Monday was a wonderful example of international diplomacy and, I might add, maturity.

In his address to the nation, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak had this to say:

North Korea’s goal is to instigate division and conflict. For what reason and for whom is it doing what it does? As compatriots, I am truly ashamed. It is now time for the North Korean regime to change to start thinking about what is truly good for itself and its people.

Which was responded to by the North Korean National Defence Commission spokesman thus:

The address to the people that traitor Lee Myung-bak issued is another clumsy farce aimed at concealing the identity of the fabrication, and a farce the bastard himself enthusiastically threw himself into cooking up and a sophism by an anti-republic confrontation fanatic gone crazy with crushing his fellow countrymen.

It reminds me of the dignified debate going on between the KRUDD government, the unions and those fat cat miners . . .

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