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It is now officially a tsunami

May 31, 2010

It is official; everything KRUDD touches turns to dust. Failed plans and policies are coming out of the woodwork from every possible direction. If the fallout from the ETS, insulation, BER, RSPT, health reform, inappropriate advertising etc etc debacles wasn’t enough we now have the art resale royalty fiasco:

EIGHT days before it takes effect, the federal government’s art resale royalty scheme has been branded a “catastrophe”, with gallery owners angry and uncertain about how it will affect their business.One respected industry figure has told The Australian that a poorly conceived idea is being rushed into existence: “It’s a catastrophe. It’s a total scramble. It’s the resources tax and the pink batts visited small.”

and the super clinic plan outrage:

The Australian Medical Association strongly advised the Government against its $275 million super clinic plan. (Tasmanian) state president Michael Aizen predicted the (planned $5.5 million) Clarence clinic would be forced to close within five to 10 years. He said the Whitlam government had set up community health centres offering every conceivable service under one roof, like the super clinics… History was “doomed to repeat itself”, he added.

Most commentators feel Labor has no choice but to keep KRUDD this close to an election but after the continuing pile up of disasters we’ve had the first journalist, Andrew Bolt, come out tipping he’ll be dumped next month.

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