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And for a recap . . .

June 2, 2010

Janet Albrechtsen has done another fabulous article in today’s The Australian deconstructing the phenomenon that is the government. In “When vanity collides with political reality”, Janet does a great retrospective on the KRUDD government and finds it seriously wanting. Umm . . . does anyone find it not wanting? Yet to find that article.

A taste:

THE resource super-profits tax is yet another chapter in a short history of the Rudd government crying out to be written: When Vanity Collides with Reality.

Kevin Rudd’s mining tax is a poor policy concocted by those with pasty hands and clean fingernails, oblivious to the workings of the mining business. Only a dirty dose of reality will make the policy workable. Add it to the growing list of policies dreamed up in sterile Canberra offices by Rudd ministers completely disconnected from the real world.

And her nifty conclusion:

Capriciousness will feature large in any Rudd government history. There is no political conviction that cannot be turned on its head; no policy that cannot be dumped when reality strikes. Inevitably, when Rudd is long gone and his history is being written, Rudd ministers – and the media – will lay the blame at Rudd’s feet. But let the record also show there were plenty of others within Rudd’s kitchen cabinet – Education Minister Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan and Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner – who share the blame. So rework this for the first page: someone close to me liked to say the difference between monkeys and men is men learn from their mistakes. The Rudd government was led by a barrel of interlinking monkeys.

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