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June 14, 2010

I was watching Kevin talk to the folks in Western Australia last week trying to sell his ridiculous RSPT when I got a glimpse of a persona I had never seen before. It was a sideways shot of him during a pause in the proceedings. He was earnestly writing on his notes and circling stuff and there was a sheen of sweat on his upper lip. He looked like a little boy lost trying valiantly to correct that which he did not understand.

I suddenly felt intensely sorry for the man and felt that way for quite a few moments but then fortunately I was able to get on with my life.

But that fleeting feeling was brought back to me when I found someone else was experiencing the same thing – Catherine Deveny no less! I’m not sure that I get her metaphor but you get the gist.

Leave Kevin Rudd alone. OK? Can everyone just lay off him? It’s like watching a 13-year-old victim of an arranged marriage to a 77-year-old sex offender be stoned to death for escaping. I want to wrap the poor guy up in my loving arms, hold him close to my heaving bosom and sing him some John Denver. David Marr, ACNeilson polls, TROTW (The Rest Of The World), look what you’ve done now.

That’s when it suddenly occurred to me that “vulnerable Kevin” was most probably the latest workshopped and focus-grouped persona – how embarrassed am I that it worked even if for just a moment.

So as I happily go back to kicking the man while he’s down, every now and then in my quiet moments, I wonder how a man renowned for the obviousness of his “personas” could have done subtle so well.

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