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Polly Speak

June 17, 2010

I thought the video clip of Labor MP for Franklin, Julie Collins, doing an impression of a rabbit in the headlights was excruciating enough but the transcript of the proceedings is even worse!! Surely there’s a course these politicians can take where they learn how to obfuscate with dignity and some semblance of intelligence.

This is a taste but the entire interview is worth a read:

Reporter: But how does the tax work?

Collins: Well, we’re consulting with the mining companies to ensure that we get the framework of the tax right.

Reporter: Can you explain the tax to us, though?

Collins: We’re consulting with the mining companies to ensure that we get the structure of this tax right and we’re out there talking to communities and talking to the mining companies and people that have, um, a, um, a-a-a-a bit of . . . sorry [that’s the bit that made prime time news on every channel!]. We’re out there talking to both the mining companies and to local communities about ensuring that people get their fair share of this tax, and it’s about ensuring that this super-profits tax is delivered and that we get it right.

Reporter: The question was, though, can you explain the tax to us. How does it work?

Collins: I go out and I explain the tax as it’s about ensuring that the super profits are delivered to all Australians, it’s about ensuring that they get their fair share.

Reporter: What’s the structure of the tax, though?

Collins: The tax is about ensuring that all Australians get their fair share.

Reporter: Can you actually explain what the tax is?

Collins: What I’m saying to you is, is we are consulting with the mining companies to ensure . . .

Reporter: Don’t you know what it is?

Collins: . . . that we get the right outcome when it comes to tax reform.

Reporter: But if politicians can’t explain, how can you explain it to . . .

Collins: The reason that I’m not going to explain the detail to you is because we’re still out there consulting.

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  1. The Umfazi permalink
    June 17, 2010 5:13 pm

    Embarrassing to say the least. A little bit of understated hesitancy is acceptable but downright ignorance in the people we elect to govern us is preposterous. Isn’t there a school they can go to in order to sharpen up? The only cause for pause is the oft quoted saying about the people getting the government they deserve!

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