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Rudd knifing lastest Labor miscalculation

June 25, 2010

It doesn’t look like La Guillotine has fixed the Labor rot. Various online polls are telling a rather sorry tale (online polls, however, are considered unreliable).

Herald Sun on-line poll

Who will you vote for in the federal election?

Julia Gillard 45.72% (16479 votes)

Tony Abbott 54.28% (19564 votes)

Total votes: 36043

On Andrew Bolt’s blog, reader Eccles tallies the media on-line polls and finds they are running strongly against Gillard:

SMH – Are you more likely to vote Labor with Julia Gillard as leader? 43% Yes – 57% No – More than 46,000 people had their say in the News Ltd online poll.

The state-by-state results were:

  • NSW – Julia Gillard 33.46 per cent support
  • Victoria – Gillard 43.88 per cent support
  • Queensland – Gillard 32.73 per cent support
  • South Australia – Gillard 48.02 per cent support
  • Western Australia – Gillard 35.36 per cent support

I notice that the two states with female premiers have least support, with next WA…

Brisbane Times – Who gets your vote? Gillard 54% Abbott 46%

Canberra Times – Gillard 56.5, Abbott 43.5

National Times – Abbott 57%, Gillard 43%

The Australian – Abbort 64%, Gillard 36%

The Courier Mail – Will Julia Gillard make a good prime minister? No 72%, Yes 28%

It appears the Julia has a LOT of work to do…

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