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Dogs . . . fleas!

July 22, 2010
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The freshly minted preference deal Labor has with the Greens looks like it’s going to come with a hefty price for La Guillotine. The Greens are now feeling so confident about their place in the universe they are starting to throw their weight around. Bob Brown has basically confirmed the Greens will scuttle the RSPT deal Labor negotiated with miners – the deal done in desperation to stop the punishing advertising campaign being unleashed on them by the miners.

The Greens say they will use their expected balance of power in the Senate to demand higher taxes from the mining industry.

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown said he planned to ignore the Federal Government’s backdown on a resource super-profits tax (RSPT) and try to garner higher taxes from mining corporations which he says should be investing in skills for workers.

“I am going to the election saying we want a better return from the big miners and I expect more than a million people will vote for that, so I’ll have a mandate from where I sit in the Senate,” he said.

My call? Those mining ads are being dusted off as we speak with all bets off!

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