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The Great Debate

July 26, 2010

So the debate between La Guillotine and the fabulous Tone was supposed to be in danger of being overshadowed by the Masterchef final. Well, it seems the nation is actually moderately interested this election – it was watched by over 3 million people which is apparently a record! To put that into context, Masterchef got an audience of 4 million (update – 5.7 million. My third-hand source let me down!).

The general consensus is that Tony won the debate, however, it seems that his “win” seemed to be based on the fact that most commentators were expecting him to implode – so a rather underwhelming verdict. I thought he did well although I was rather disappointed that his “mojo” was under such tight control. Think of the raw energy he showed in his budget reply speech as an example of what I’m talking about. Even so I do understand that he needs to appear a little more polished to be considered PM material so perhaps it was for the best.

The worm was as ridiculous as ever – apparently it has a hugely negative predictive value so Tony losing the worm vote was probably a good thing. The channel nine worm gave the debate to La Guillotine 63 per cent to 37 per cent (huh?) which Laurie Oakes (no Liberal/Abbott fan) immediately over-ruled, saying that Tony had actually won. Even the ABC’s straw poll of 6 people in the Labor held electorate of Lindsay had Tony in front 4 to 2 and the reasons the 2 gave for preferring La Guillotine were hardly inspiring.

Some insight into the gravitas that is the worm – 2GB’s Jason Morrison watched the worm-controllers at Channel 9 and told Andrew Bolt:

Worm audience was noticeably, physically bored after about 20mins. Lots of yawning, hand up to the cheek, stretching to stay alert.

IR questions appeared to lose most people.

All slogans “moving forward”, “contract with the people” triggered laughs. So much contempt for political BS.

Outward reaction (laughs, huffs) every time Rudd is mention. They hate him but also what they did to him.

All in all the Liberals can feel better about their chances and with the recent Newspolls showing La Guillotine’s honeymoon is well and truly over, I would be watching out for the sharpened knives if I was her.

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