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He’s the man!

August 22, 2010

When we first started this blog just five short months ago, Tony Abbott was widely viewed with derision. In fact, that was part of the motivation for the blog to try and let people see what we were seeing – a conviction politician with courage but also inclusiveness, and a person not afraid to evolve his thinking on issues. It was a huge call to make to back him so publicly and we almost instantly became social pariahs among those of our friends who knew we were doing this. We are proud to have supported his efforts.

Well, many posts later we have now arrived at an historic election result.

At this stage it looks like we are going to have a hung parliament – 71 Labor, 72 Coalition, 1 Green, 4 independents and 2 undecided. The balance of power lies with the independants, 3 of whom are ex-National candidates – the chances of a Coalition government are more likely than not.

Regardless of the end result this is still an astonishing achievement for Tony. What a fantastic night for Tony and his family. He has exceeded everyone’s expectations largely because they accepted the caricature without realising what a humble, dedicated, progressive, inclusive leader he actually is.

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  1. Umfazi permalink
    August 23, 2010 1:23 pm

    Vindication indeed! Have always enjoyed your slightly quirky, slightly irreverent, slightly non-mainstream coverage (if also slightly biased) of Australian politics and look forward to your acerbic and cutting edge analysis of the undoubtedly interesting times ahead.

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