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Paul WHO?

August 25, 2010

Is it just me that asks “Who is this bloke Paul Howes and why do we have to listen to him?”  He is of course the smarmy self opinionated union leader who was one of the faceless men that knocked off Rudd. Go back to your membership I say, I am sick of your dial. Then again he does have the capacity to seriously embarrass himself and the current way the Labor Party is being run:

Paul Howes on ABC1’s Lateline, December 5, 2009:

FRANKLY, the Liberal Party is going to be going into some very hard, hard years ahead, particularly when you talk about issues like bringing Barnaby Joyce on to the front bench. You know, this is having the mad hatters controlling the asylum and, frankly, this guy and the Liberal Party are almost the gifts that keep on giving to the Labor Party at the moment. Appealing to the extreme right of your party and taking the party from the centre and to one extreme will make that party unelectable.

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