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Julia, people aren’t stupid

October 5, 2010

It seems as if Julia has failed to learn anything from the journey KRudd took. By journey, I mean the voyage from record breaking, do-no-wrong popularity to “no one is listening anymore you fool” oblivion. The obvious lesson to note I would have thought, is that people eventually get that they’re being played and they don’t like it one little bit.

Admittedly Julia had a pre-warmed crowd when she arrived on the scene – people had by that stage become highly attuned to the hollow sell. But it looks like she’s now doing ok in her own right!

Tony toughs it out

IT looks as if Julia Gillard’s attempt to portray Tony Abbott as a wrecker has hit a snag: people disagree with the PM. Melbourne polling company Essential Research asked 1921 people if they thought Abbott was putting roadblocks in the way of Gillard’s program and 54 per cent though Abbott was doing the right thing (by being a bolshie opposition), while 46 per cent thought he was being obstructionist. The survey finds that Gillard is becoming more negative. The number of people calling her a capable leader has dropped 13 per cent and the perception she is good in a crisis has dropped 15 per cent since July.

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