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Is she really our PM?

October 6, 2010

I thought the footage of La Guillotine in jeans carrying her boxes into the Lodge with her bogun hairdresser boyfriend was bad enough but to see her simpering and fawning on her first international trip was excruciating. Is this person really our PM? I want KRUDD back!! At least there was a sense that he knew how to carry himself in company and knew in which order to use the cutlery.

Then to make matters worse, she has decided to rename the Taliban to the Taliband . . . how comforting for our troops to know that their PM is all over this Afghanistan thingy. Although to be fair she has alerted us to her ambivalence – “I came into politics not at all motivated by foreign policy”. “I do not have a passion for foreign affairs”. Perhaps she should have a little rethink about her career choice.

But most appalling of all is the revolting political stunt she pulled on Tony over the Afghanistan visit. Reported here and here.

Ms Gillard railed at suggestions she had used the situation surrounding her visit of Australian troops in Afghanistan to score political points and flatly denied that Mr Abbott had organised his trip first.

“Your suggestion that he had a fixed date to go when I issued the invitation to him is not correct,” she said.

“Simply, not correct.”

Ms Gillard spoke just hours before flying out of Brussels at the end of the two-day Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM), her first strides on the global stage as PM.

Australian Defence Force sources have confirmed they had organised Mr Abbott’s trip before Ms Gillard had invited her opposite number to join her.

Ms Gillard would have had to approve Mr Abbott’s travel plans.

Australian’s deserve better than that Julia, they deserve better than you.

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