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Newspoll results . . . eek!

March 7, 2011

Dennis Shanahan for The Australian . . .

JULIA Gillard’s carbon tax plan has sent Labor’s primary vote support reeling to its lowest level on record, with the Prime Minister also suffering a significant slide in her personal standing.

The latest Newspoll survey, conducted exclusively for The Australian, reveals Labor’s primary vote has fallen from 36 per cent two weeks ago to 30 per cent, below the 31 per cent record when Paul Keating was prime minister in 1993, as the Coalition rose four points to 45 per cent.

On a two-party preferred basis, based on preference flows at last year’s election, Labor now trails the Coalition 46 per cent to 54 per cent after being tied at 50 per cent support two weeks ago.

Ms Gillard, who last month announced plans to introduce a carbon tax from July 1 next year, has seen her lead over Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister halved from 22 points to 11 points. Voter satisfaction with Ms Gillard has also collapsed.

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