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March 9, 2011

Andrew Bolt is my new boyfriend! Take it away AB . . .

JULIA Gillard is finished. It seems she’s lied too brazenly and nothing in her erratic performance suggests she can recover.

First, let’s diagnose how terminal the Prime Minister’s leadership now is.

The 12 per cent jump in disapproval of her in yesterday’s Newspoll is the biggest rise recorded for a prime minister.

Clearly, many voters are livid that Gillard will now impose the “carbon tax” that she promised just before the election she wouldn’t.

Labor’s 30 per cent primary vote is, likewise, the lowest Newspoll has recorded, and Labor’s 46-to-54 two-party preferred support would, if repeated at an election, see the Government lose in a landslide.

Next, look at the prognosis for Labor.

In three weeks’ time, the discredited NSW Labor Government is going to be thrown out neck-and-crop, and the blowback is likely to swamp Gillard—even more so now that Liberal leader Barry O’Farrell has made her carbon dioxide tax an election issue.

Meanwhile, the damaging media speculation that Tony Abbott may be replaced as Opposition Leader is exposed by this poll as mere wishful thinking, and he will get the clear air to hammer Labor that he was denied in February.

Does anyone seriously believe the Liberals want to replace him with Malcolm Turnbull, who even now backs the emissions trading scheme that ended the prime ministership of Kevin Rudd and has now done for Gillard, too?

Some Labor supporters may still hope Gillard’s tax will at least, as Channel 9’s Laurie Oakes put it, give her finally “something to fight for. A cause.”

But what makes them think she’d be any good at this fighting?

Didn’t she lose the election debates? Is it really likely, with Abbott rampant, that she can now win an argument over this painful tax that she claims will somehow help stop global warming?

Dream on. You are talking about a leader with such disastrous political judgment that she decided a winning strategy involved these three elements:

First, to lie to the public and bring in the tax she swore before the election to never inflict.

Second, to stake everything on this tax that will drive prices higher without driving temperature lower.

Third, to please the Greens extremists who hold just one of the 150 seats in the House of Representatives, rather than appeal to the voters who chose the other 149, not one of which campaigned for her tax.

Gosh, you mean voters don’t like this? What a surprise.

Go here for the rest of AB’s column.

What I find the most puzzling about this whole train wreck is how on earth did a political party fail so miserably at what should be a core competency, that of reading the mood of the voting public?

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