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Barnaby, you’re so cute!

March 28, 2011

Barnaby does adorably incomprehensible (again) . . .

Media Release – The carbon tax may work – in a 1000 years

Senator Barnaby Joyce

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water

Leader of The Nationals in the Senate

LNP Senator for Queensland

28th March2011

The carbon tax may work –in a 1000 years

Well I do not know whether William the Conqueror was governing for me when he knocked over poor old King Harold but according to Tim Flannery he should have been.

As absurd as it is, here is the quote, Res ipsa loquitur and 1000 years ago that would have been well understood around the castle.

Professor Tim Flannery, the Commissioner for Climate Change said on radio on Friday,” If the world as a whole cut all emissions tomorrow the average temperature of the planet is not going to drop in several hundred years, perhaps as much as a thousand years…”.

By the time this proposed carbon tax has had its affect Jesus will have come and gone, again!

The two great mysteries in 1000 years time will be, “Is Stefano DiMera from Days of Our Lives really dead?” and, “Who in the Australian Labor party honestly thought they could change the climate from a room in Canberra?”

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