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She’s done it again!

April 7, 2011

Is hyperbole pronounced hy-per-bo-lee or hy-per-bowl? I’ll just ask our Prime Minister, she’ll know . . .

or maybe not if the hysterical laughter coming out of the blogosphere is anything to go by . . .

You want to put a tax on coal,
Of borders you have lost control,
Your cabinet has got a mole,
Abbott wants to stop the dole,
The Greens think you are just a troll,
The NBN’s a money hole,
There’s been a really awful poll,
They say your party’s lost its soul,
But it’s no excuse for hyperbowl.


Dedicated to loyal reader Dudzira – now that’s funny!

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  1. Dudzira permalink
    April 11, 2011 11:04 am

    A Hyperbowl…. WOW are we invited?
    That’s sent some excitement through the Labor factions. So much so that Nicola Roxson is reaching for the shampoo, Penny Wong has borrowed a dress from Kristine Keneally and Wayne Swan was late handing in his Economics 101 homework! Even Stephen Conroy nearly smiled at the prospect of Ferret Ferguson tying his own tie while watching Mark Arbid deciding which of his shoes is right and which one is left.

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