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Support for La Guillotine evaporating

June 15, 2011

The latest Newspoll survey is again depressing news for Labor but far more so for La Guillotine.

JULIA Gillard’s personal support has crashed to a new low, putting Tony Abbott within reach of her as the preferred prime minister for the first time.

Only one in three voters is now satisfied with the way the Prime Minister is doing her job and more than half remain dissatisfied.

While Ms Gillard has tried desperately to promote her carbon tax and settle an asylum-seeker deal with Malaysia during the past two weeks, voter satisfaction with the way she is doing her job has slumped five percentage points to a new low for her of 30 per cent. Voter dissatisfaction with Ms Gillard was virtually unchanged on 55 per cent.

Voters also turned off Ms Gillard when asked who would make the better prime minister, her support falling from 44 per cent to 41 per cent – also a new low for the Labor leader.

Personal support for Ms Gillard is now similar to that of former Labor prime minister Paul Keating before he lost the 1996 election and that of former Liberal prime minister John Howard in 1998 after he announced he would introduce a GST. It is also lower than Kevin Rudd’s approval rating when Ms Gillard replaced him as Prime Minister a year ago.

Sophie Mirabella’s parliamentary observation directed at KRUDD is now even more appropriate: “No one’s listening to you anymore you fool!”

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