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Wayne Swan is a flea

July 12, 2011

There is an old adage that the cream always rises to the top. What is it about the current federal ALP that seems determined to disprove it?

I like to listen to a lot of political interviews. Programs like Insiders and 7.30. Currently the 2GB website I have found is a great source of interviews.

People like Stephen Smith, Chris Bowen, Simon Crean and Greg Combet I have found to be largely articulate, attempt to answer questions directly and appear to attempt to be honest. Billy Ludwig’s son Joe does not fit in that category. Not hard to see how he made it to the Senate – talent alone and not family patronage . . . NOT!

In recent times, the ALP managed to put up that appallingly dishonest man Rudd. They replaced him with a woman with no apparent familiarity with the truth and no concern with her own personal reputation. From “there is more chance of me being the full forward for the Bulldogs than leading the party” just two weeks before she knifed Rudd to “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” before doing exactly that. What sort of pathology allows one to be so flippant with their own personal integrity? It has got to the stage where, like I am sure a lot of others, I just cannot bear to listen to the woman. She is appalling.

Well, has anyone listened to Swan lately? He first came into my bullshit detector radar when announcing the amendments to the mining tax.  Today I listened to two interviews he did yesterday. One was with Alan Jones, the other with Ross Greenwood who also interviewed Joe Hockey. Listen and compare the two if you can bear it. I lasted as long as I could.

Alan Jones – Wayne Swan on the carbon tax

Ross Greenwood – Joe Hockey and Wayne Swan on the carbon tax

Then there is this little piece in The Australian today.

On ABC radio yesterday, the Treasurer first tried to avoid answering a question about whether the government’s carbon tax package would be, as promised, budget neutral.

“There always is an upfront cost with these very big reforms,” the Treasurer replied. Or started to.

The interviewer pulled him up. “You’ve promised for a long time that this would be budget neutral, not that there would be an up-front cost,” she said.

Swan caved in. “It is broadly budget neutral over the forward estimates,” he conceded, and added: “We will bring the budget back to surplus in 2012-13.”

“Broadly budget neutral” means the package will cost $4.3 billion over the next four years — a little over $1bn a year.

So $1,000,000,000 a year is “broadly budget neutral”, 500 companies is the same as “up to 1000 companies”.

The man, I am sad to say, is a liar and an obvious intellectual pygmy. He is, quite frankly, a flea.

How do the decent people of the ALP allow themselves to be tarred with the same brush?

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