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Julia in diabolical trouble

July 18, 2011

The latest Nielsen poll has come out providing Labor with all kinds of new misery. The bounce that was hoped for once the carbon tax details were released has very clearly not eventuated – in fact the opposite has occurred. How long before the knife reappears?

THE carbon price package has dragged Julia Gillard and Labor down to record depths in an Age/Nielsen poll showing people don’t believe the government’s claims about compensation and want an early election.

Labor’s two-party vote has fallen a further 2 points, leaving it trailing the Coalition by a massive 39-61 per cent. The ALP primary vote is down 1 point to 26 per cent – the lowest for either major party in the poll’s 39-year-history.

Over the past month, Tony Abbott has opened an 11-point lead as preferred prime minister – the first time he has been ahead of Ms Gillard. The government would be wiped out in a huge landslide if an election were held now.

In results that will send waves of fear through the government, approval for Ms Gillard’s performance has tumbled another 3 points to 34 per cent, while her disapproval rating has jumped 3 to 62 per cent.

The carbon plan has been given an unequivocal thumbs down, with 56 per cent of respondents opposed to a carbon price, 52 per cent rejecting the government’s carbon price and compensation package, and 53 per cent believing it will leave them worse off.

More than half (56 per cent) say Ms Gillard has no mandate for her plan, and the same proportion want an early poll before the plan is introduced. Nearly half (47 per cent) think Bob Brown and the Greens are mainly responsible for the government’s package. More than half (52 per cent) say an Abbott government should repeal the package while 43 per cent believe it should be left in place under a new government.

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