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Barnaby IS right!

August 8, 2011

Barnaby’s star is shining!

After being ridiculed and shunted from his Finance Minister (update: Do I mean Shadow? Yes, I suppose I do) position for daring to suggest the US has a debt problem, it appears he is having the last laugh. The Daily Telegraph describes it this way:

ONE Australian politician predicted the debt crisis enveloping the US.

It wasn’t Treasurer Wayne Swan, though he did join in the mocking of the MP that did, or Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey or Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Senator Barnaby Joyce was laughed out of his opposition finance portfolio for his forecasts that included saying more than 18 months ago that the US could default on its debts.

It’s not so funny anymore, as veteran journalist Michelle Grattan said last week on Twitter.

“US struggling through its crisis – remember how we laughed at Barnaby when he raised the spectre of US default? Oops.”

Joyce certainly remembers.

“I got absolutely smashed by (Kevin) Rudd and (Lindsay) Tanner and Swan,” he said.

“To be honest, my own side got scared, and said ‘we think you’ve gone out on a limb’.

In The Australian today, Barnaby has this to say:

To those who called me fool, who’s laughing now?

THE joy of vindication on the prospect of a US government default is bittersweet; I was right, Wayne was wrong. To those sucked in by the Treasurer, placing wishful romantic theory above clinical reality, then saying “you wouldn’t cut it with the Bloomsbury group if you talk like that at our soiree”, I suggest this, get real.

Do not confuse tackling a problem with delaying when it comes to debt. If while out on the tiles on a Friday night you discover a septic gash on your leg, and in response down another five jagermeisters, pain gone, problem gone, keep dancing, that is delay. Going to hospital to avoid amputation is dealing with the problem.

You go boy! But that’s not all – he goes on to explain, as only Barnaby could, how we are run by the incompetent :

In the political sphere the person who drives via the rear vision mirror, with a wonderful recitation about everywhere you have been and why, but not a clue where you are going, is dangerous. When, with a coterie of bureaucrats, they cannot keep the car on the black stuff but seem to be targeting the trees, you are in for the economic ride of your life.

I think that’s you he’s talking about Wayne.

It is worth remembering that fabulous Tony consistently backed Barnaby’s debt comments even when under extraordinary pressure to back away. Joe not so much.

Hockey distanced himself from his colleague’s US claims while Fairfax went after Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for refusing to resile from Joyce’s comments.

Abbott said in reply: “I think that the US does have serious imbalances.”

For more classic Barnaby try this – Barnaby, you’re so cute!, and also my new favourite site which I discovered yesterday of all days – what uncanny timing!

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