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I think my heart is breaking . . .

August 24, 2011

This blog is meant to be light-hearted, breezy and tongue-in-cheek but today is one of those days when I want to share something that truly moved me . . .

22 August, 2011.
Mark it down on history’s wall.
For it was the day we proved that Australia has lost its soul.
On that day, the Convoy of No Confidence came to Canberra. From every corner of this vast is-land.
11 groups. 300 strong.
These the very same folk upon whom we wholly depend.
And yet, take wholly for granted.
Without whom, we do not eat.
Without whom, the supermarkets, retail stores, and petrol stations, in days have nothing left to sell.
These the folk who are our lifelines.
These the very same folk who represent the 2nd largest industry sector to be punished by a carbon dioxide tax.
To be inflicted upon them (and us all) by the most deceitful and illegitimate government in the nation’s history.
A government with no mandate, under threat of the swear jar.
Voted for not by half, on a monumental lie.
Granted power by two rural “independents” selling out their own electorates.
Steered and puppeteered, by the dictates of just two men – Brown and Wilkie – representing a tiny fraction of the nation’s people.
300 Aussies, futures a-question, came to Canberra to make their voices heard.
To demand a destiny, of a majority’s choosing.
And none were there to support them.
Oh, we lauded and applauded them, sure.
From behind our computer screens, we clicked and we tweeted.
And we cheered and we retweeted.
From behind our keyboards, we waged a vainglorious war of words with opponents not a few.
And prided ourselves on our steely resolve.
From behind our steering wheels, far far away, we turned on our headlights.
And congratulated ourselves on our fine show of support.
Oh how rebellious and activist we felt.
Oh how we imagined ourselves to be their brothers- and sisters-in-arms.
But none of us would trouble ourselves, oh no, not to go the distance with them.
No, not to stand beside them.
None of us would put the pedal to the metal.
None of us would put our feet on the street.
None of us bums would take our bums off the seat.
Oh no, there were just so many good reasons. So many imperatives, and excuses.
We dared not take that day off work. We dared not incur the boss’s wrath. We dared not forgo even 1 days’ pay.
To go so far.  To spend a hundred, or a couple.  To inconvenience ourselves.
To be by their side.
To stand up and be counted for their future.
And our own.
No, that was just too much trouble.
No, we were not as the donkey with a carrot dangling before our eyes.
No, for we Aussie donkey voters, it was a Too Hard Basket that loomed largest in our monovision.
Not for us, the spirit of our ancestors past.
Not for us, the spirit of the Stockade.
Not for us, the spirit of physical rebellion against injustice and illegitimacy.
Not for us, the spirit of The Working People versus The Tax Trough Swillers.
Oh no, no no.
For us, the spirit of apathy.
For us, the spirit of complacency.
For us, the spirit of cowardice.
For us, the spirit of excuse-making.
For us, the spirit of “someone else will do it”.
For us, the spirit of imagining.
For us, the spirit of dreaming.
For us, the spirit of the slave.
Imagine, oh slave, if you will.
Imagine yourself standing in the boots of those 300 free men and women.
Imagine yourself defying your boss.  Imagine yourself defying your “responsibilities”. For just one day.
Imagine yourself investing thousands … in dollars and minutes … to do as they did.
Imagine yourself doing all this, to stand up to their faces and express your vote of “No Confidence”.
Imagine how you would feel.
When for all those emails, all those comments, all those tweets and retweets of support … noone came, to stand beside you on the lawns of Parliament.
Imagine how you would feel.
When for all those great swelling words … they were only words.  Whitewashed noise, in background receding.
Imagine how you would feel.
Having to do it all over.
Just to get back home again.
Imagine how you would feel, being mocked by that illegitimate government.
Imagine how you would feel, when they all jeered and sneered.
And on the floor of Parliament, in the newspapers, on the TV, and throughout the interwebs.
Belittled and declared your Convoy of No Confidence … a Convoy of No Consequence.
Because no one came.
To stand by your side.
It is said, almost 60% of the nation’s voters do not support this illegitimate government’s continuing to govern.
It is said, over 60% of the nation’s voters oppose this illegitimate government’s CO2 tax.
60%. Of 14 million voters.
8.4 million dissenting “adults”.
And yet.
Only 300 brave souls stood tall on 22 August, 2011.
Only 300 showed they still have the true Australian soul.
For shame! Australia.
For shame.
When a nation has lost its soul, then the end is surely nigh.
Poor slave.
Of mind, soul, and spirit; this the course you have chosen to stay.
A choice made for you. And your children.
By your apathy. Your excuses.  And your fear.
“Good riddance”, they’ll say, on that green day.
I hope you had the time of your life.

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  1. Umfazi permalink
    August 24, 2011 11:03 am

    It seems that all our lives we have tilted at windmills. For just causes. Right causes. Against closure and downgrading of country medical services. Against closure of railway lines, rural banks, schools and for the upgrading of roads, telecommunications and provision of even the most basic human requirements that our rural Australians deserve. Against the destruction of forests and lands either for profit or by blatant mismanagement. For the building of hospitals, the provision of equitable aged care. And now against the violent proliferation of industrial wind turbine complexes over our tableland’s precious landscape, against the damage to watertables, aquifers and quality agricultural land in the name of profits for international mining and energy companies. For the people’s democratic right to be heard and listened to with respect and a willingness to “fix it”.
    The truckies are not alone. So many of us are not heard. So many of us are frustrated to the limit. When despair and anger and the feeling of complete powerless set in there are inevitable and tragic consequences.

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